Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If Humans Were Production Animals

    Let me start out by saying that I have nothing against using animals as a source of food and fiber.  I have a lot of respect for all the farmers who work hard to produce meat for us to buy and materials for our clothes.

   Now, that being said, I find it funny to think what it would be like if we used humans to produce these things.  What started me on this train of thought?
1. This new breast milk ice cream thing they've got going on in London (really weird in my opinion)
2. Studying for my Production Medicine exam. I learned that one ram is capable of breeding 30-40 ewes. 

What if we used human men that way?

And then after all the women had their babies, we'd be able to collect milk from them.

And one thing everyone has naturally is hair, so just think about all the awesome new fabrics we could create!
So if for some reason, all the animals were to die, I guess we have ourselves as back up.  :)


  1. omg, the picture of the milk suckers...hi-freaking-larious.

  2. So when do I get assigned to my pen to be impregnated? This a quite a novel idea. I hope the great "farmer in the sky" has good plans for my mate. Do I get free plastic surgery when my areola are destroyed by the milking machines?

  3. Be sure and make the guys grow their hair,too, but best keep them away from those milk suckers

  4. What Adrian said...

  5. One flaw with this - the super stud guys won't like semen collection. Or maybe they will.