Monday, May 23, 2011

The Secret Deals of Animals

All of our household animals have their own quirks.  Until now, I thought they were just that.  But it seems to me that there are some strange coincidences.  Here's what I think is going on.

Danger loves shoes, so he makes a deal with Shawnee.

Shawnee pretends to be obsessed with bringing a different shoe to every person she meets.

Thus, she is able to establish a hoard of footwear in the living room.  Danger promptly takes full advantage.

Now, I have yet to figure out exactly what Shawnee receives in return.  Possibly Danger shares his tuna knowing that his canine friend is not allowed people food.

Whatever the trade, it's clear that there is more going on with our pets than we could ever know.

Emergency Duty

Well, I'm the surgery student on the emergency shift tonight.  It's an 8 hour shift; I get off at midnight.  It's a complicated sort of feeling to be on duty.  A person can get really bored in 8 hours, so it would be nice to have something to do.  But on the other hand, I don't actually want an emergency to come in lest I get stuck here til 3 in the morning like last time.  But then again, it would be cool to see an emergency just to be able to get to help with the case.  On the flip side, I don't really know what I'm doing, so I always feel like I'm more of a hindrance than anything.  So basically, I'm indecisive.  I can never decide whether I actually like emergency or not.  Are we surprised?  No, we are not.

In my boredom, I think I'll draw.

Here you go:

The next morning:

Ok, well scratch that.  I wrote the part above around 10 pm last night.  Then I stopped to draw you some pictures and do treatments on the animals in the hospital and what happened?  An emergency happened.  At 11:30 no less.  I was so close to being done for the night.  But no worries, I was at least done and at home by 1:00 am.  I think I jinxed myself by starting to write this post.  So, you'll have to wait a little longer for something with pictures.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here's a taste of my daily life in clinics.  Ignore the ill proportioned drawings.

In surgery:

On emergency duty (which ends at midnight):

Just everyday in general:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Catch Up

So I know it's been awhile since I've put up a new post.  I was trying to emulate the good kids who actually study and stuff...not quite sure it paid off.  Anyway, here's what you missed these last two months:

I took a trip with my boyfriend over Spring Break to Gettysburg and to Washington DC where my older sister lives.

I spent some time working with a mixed animal vet.  It mostly involved cows which have an annoying habit of whipping poop in your face.

I was given a shiny white coat to symbolize the end of my education in the classroom and my transition into a year of clinics.  I looked very professional...
...and I promptly got lipstick on my bright new sleeve.

I cut 10 inches off my hair and sent it to Locks of Love.  AND my hair is thick enough that they were able to get TWO ponytails out of it

I took the last finals OF MY LIFE!!!! 

Well, that's about it!  You're all caught up.  Clinics begin on Monday, and I start out on my Orthopedic Surgery rotation.  How do I feel about it?