Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let It Begin

Right-o,  here it goes! 

Why a blog you ask?  Because in my little head I have a false notion that I could write something that other people may enjoy reading.  Or perhaps it's because since I've gotten myself stuck in this soul-sucking institution we call vet school, I feel the need to create some sort of emotional outlet for myself.  Or really probably because I'm procrastinating.  Yes, that's certainly it. 

At the moment you can find me holed up in the library, listening to Eric Church, forcing myself to drink coffee that I don't particularly enjoy and wondering why I'm writing this ridiculous blog when I have 10 more surgery lectures to go through before 7:50 tomorrow morning.  My only response to myself is that I must have a death wish.  Yes indeed, why else would I have come to vet school in the first place. 

I'll come back later and make my blog all fancy and whatnot.  For now I guess I should pretend that I have a chance at passing tomorrow if I make myself get back to studying. 

Oh, and sorry for the run-ons.  This is gonna be a stream of consciousness sort of thing. 

Hammersteen out.


  1. What is this blog I have randomly stumbled across??? It looks quite interesting. I have no idea who this person is but she seems witty and interesting. I do hope she posts more pictures.

  2. MERP???

    ...Many Entertaining Reasons to Procrastinate?
    ...Me R Perfect?
    ...May Everyone Remember to Party?

    Will you explain what MERP means or keep us guessing?

  3. It means nothing. It was just my random sound of the day.