Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Neuter Your Dog

Have you ever had one of those days?  A day where you wake up and things immediately start going wrong?  Of course you have.  I have them quite frequently.  Here's a brief summary of the start of one of mine.

I woke up one morning a little later than I had wanted to.  "Not too bad," I told myself.  "I still have enough time to get ready."  Then I realized I really needed to shower.  Like, really.  Now, I had time to do normal readying, but not to do shower readying.

"Do I smell?" 
Possibly. Perfume.

I examined my hair in the mirror. 
Yep.  Greasy.
Oh well.  No time. Pull it back.

So my stinky self headed off to school to take care of my group's surgery dog.  Now, let me give you a little background info.  All four members of my group had done surgery, so everyone was starting on the next cycle of dogs.  Well, for the first cycle, we had mostly female dogs so we did spays.  That also seemed to be the case for a lot of the other students.  That meant that this time, there were a lot of male dogs that needed neutering.  What's the problem with unneutered male dogs?  They pee.  Everywhere.  So, as if I didn't feel dirty enough, my sweet little Archie felt the need to lift his leg on me.  Yes indeed. 

And it wasn't just my dog.  Oh, no.  Everyone had a male dog that morning, and every male dog had apparently held in his pee all night long. Or perhaps it was a chain reaction.  One dog just had to mark "his" territory.  Then the next dog was like, "WTF, Mate?  That's my door frame!!"  When the next dog comes along, he's all like, "Dude!  Not cool!"  Of course, all of us poor surgery students are responsible for cleaning up after our dogs.  Let me just say that the mop water did not stay clear for long. 

Of course I was late to class too.  So anyway, that was how my day started.  

In fact, today went quite the same way.  I brought out my dog this morning (Duke now.  Archie went back.) and the first thing he did was pee on the scale.  And under the scale.  And all around the scale.  I grabbed the mop bucket and started cleaning.  Now, Duke is blind in one eye, and he was pretty excited by all of this.  Naturally that meant that he ran into the mop bucket, knocked it over, and spilled nasty soapy, yellow mop/pee water all over the floor.  I was left having to mop up half of the exam room.  But was that enough?  No.  I took him to another room, where he proceeded to pee on the corner of the counter.  I guess I shouldn't be complaining.  These are just  normal days at vet school.


  1. So, not quite the same (law students deal with far less pee, mostly proverbial pissing contests). But, it might have just been something in the wind today, cause I got up thinking that life wasn't as bad as I thought it to be (mere hours before). Registration for classes went well. Then. I enter the kitchen, thinking "Now all I have to worry about is getting through today and then start finals studying". What do I find in the kitchen? Broken Coffee Pot!!! I took it as a bad finals omen and intend to sacrifice it to the new coffee pot tonight for good measure.

    Hope the evening went better! I will see you in less than a week!!!!

  2. It could have been something worse you were cleaning up.