Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pet Portraits

Once again I'm at the library, and, once again, I'm failing to concentrate on school.  My roommate told me, "Blog and get out all the crazies, then focus!!!"  I think I will take that advice.  However, it takes me a million years to draw pictures, and tonight I don't have time, so instead I'll post some older pictures.  Hope you enjoy them.  Sorry to disappoint the people who have already seen these and were hoping for something new.  





Suki (the guinea pig, not the dragon)


I like to do pet portraits sometimes. :)  All pets deserve rainbows!  

Just for fun, I'll throw in my seadog and seapig.

Alright, I promise I'm going back to studying now.  

Steenvaldez signing off.


  1. Where was that picture of Twitch taken?

  2. I really want a dragon named Suki now! Maybe it can be small, like the little dragons in Harry Potter when they "drew straws" for what dragon they would be fighting for the Goblet of Fire?

    Also, I would like 10 points for taking 67% of the photos that were used for reference. These points will be redeemed at a later time, probably in the form of fermented beverages. The photo of twitch was taken at Iris' at a holiday party I think.

  3. I love the seadog and seapig. Do seadogs chase catfish?