Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was tired of studying cancer, so I took a break to StumbleUpon things, and I found these pictures, and I thought they were great, so I decided to share them, because I'm tired of studying cancer...and I like turtles. In fact, I have a turtle-ish tattoo! Yes I do!  Both my sisters have one too! Vincristine stops your dog from going poo!

By the way, I really don't know about internet legal stuff, so just so you know, I did not take these pictures.  I found them through Google Image and StumbleUpon.  

When I draw a turtle it looks like this:

Or it may look like this....
 But probably not.


  1. I want to be as happy as that first turtle is. Or even as excited as that girl is who is feeding the second turtle. But really I'd rather be the first turtle.

  2. you should sent these pictures to Megan A. (Steph's) friend and see if she thinks any of them look like her spirit because the turtle is her spirit-animal.