Saturday, December 4, 2010

If Veterinarians Were People Doctors

Just the other day, I was struggling to take the temperature of an extraordinarily energetic and squirmy puppy. My froommate (friend and roommate) was helping me by distracting the puppy with a dog biscuit.  It was at this time that it occurred to me how much more fun it would be if I could go to a veterinarian for my health needs instead of a human doctor. 

First of all, things like gynecological visits and prostate exams would be much more tolerable if cookies were involved. 

Plus, vets are always very comforting and kind to their patients.  I would feel much more at ease if doctors used baby talk.

Even better yet, can you imagine getting a manicure and pedicure every time you saw your doctor?!  Not gonna lie, I think it would be pretty amazing.

But the best thing of all, would be the convenience!  Forget going to all those different specialists!  Having a small issue with your eye?  Has your spleen ruptured?  Perhaps you have stumbled in a rabbit hole and broken your wee little leg? A veterinarian can take care of everything at once!!

Of course, I suppose there would be a few differences that are less than desirable.  The waiting room, for example, would definitely take some getting used to.

And at times, vets seem to use a lot of force for their procedures.

But overall, I think you would agree, that seeing a veterinarian on a regular basis would be much preferred to seeing a "real" doctor. 

Just saying.


  1. I believe this might be one of your best :-) They are all funny but man Christine!!!

  2. So funny christine. I hope you can see these as we do and let some tension out.