Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gym Goers 3

Now I know you have all seen this guy.  "Meathead" is the classic Gym Goer.  You'll know it's him because he'll be right up next to the giant mirror.  He stands perpendicular to it so as to get the best view of his own biceps, even though cranking his head around like that can't be good for his weight lifting technique.  "Meathead" will be wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut off....not just any cut-off shirt though.  Oh no, this shirt will have been cut as small as possible so that it's basically a thong shirt.  News flash, Meathead:  girls aren't turned on by your man-nipples.  Cover them up!  He also seems to forget that he has a lower body that needs exercise too, and instead focuses on doing bicep curls and bench presses with the heaviest weights possible.  This fact also causes him to use excessive grunting noises when lifting.  I don't know if he actually thinks this helps, or he's just trying to draw attention to his "manliness".  Either way, it's unnecessary. 


  1. This post looks lonely and I feel I need to comment on it. Meathead always makes me wonder what he does with the rest of his life that he has the time to become so muscular. I mean, does the world really need that many more wrestlers and boxers? (I apologize if there is another profession for meatheads that is slipping my mind).

  2. sometimes the thong shirt gives a nice view while I hang out on the eliptical