Friday, December 17, 2010

One More Semester Down

Well, I finally made it through this horrid semester, even if just by the skin of my teeth.  My sincerest apologies to everyone I have pissed off, snapped at, hurt, or left feeling abandoned these past 5 months.  I've been a wee bit on the depressed side (understatement) and  unable, and honestly, unwilling, to pull myself out of my funk.  Instead I have been wallowing in a pit of despair surrounded by a stench borne of self-pity, anger, and only showering once every 3 days.  Grades kind of got pushed by the wayside, and I'm just happy to be finished.  Hopefully a couple weeks at home with my family will set me straight before my last semester of real classwork.  After that I just have to survive a year of clinical rotations and somehow pass the board exams. No problem though right?  Eek! However, the prospect of finally starting my career after a grand total of 20 years in school is pretty exciting!  As is the idea that I can potentially move back home to live near my family and my soon to be newlywed sister.  It won't be long before I can be a real person again!  I guess I'm getting ahead of myself though.  For now, I'm just glad to have a chance to breathe. 

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