Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Have A Problem

I admit it.  I have a blogging problem.  It's not even so much with posting posts as it is with checking them.  I find myself compulsively coming back to my blog dashboard to see if anyone new has visited my site in the last 10 minutes.  Seriously, I check like every 10 minutes.  At least as many times as I check Facebook, and that's a lot.  "Have I had anymore pageviews? Has anyone from Norway looked at my blog?  Maybe I have a new comment!  Why don't I have new countries showing up?"  Although did get my first pageview from Canada today, so thanks Canadian Person!!  I don't even know if you meant to look at my blog or not, but Canada just turned green on my map so woohoo!  : D  And I do realize that it is ridiculous to blog about how I'm obsessed with my own blog.   But admitting it is the first step, right?


  1. Yaaayy!! Can we admit it together? You just made me feel like less of a loser. Or at least a loser with company, which is infinitely better, don't you think?

  2. I do think that's better! Note that it only took me 12 minutes to notice your comment and respond. :)

  3. Wish I could help light up another country on your blog map, because I truly love reading your posts!! (I've been feeling rather thin myself lately w/all this wicked cold weather!) Perhaps you could make Hungary "pale green" since I'm 50% Hungarian and am once again making tentative plans to visit Hungary w/a couple of my 33 Hungarian cousins?!

    Love your post about Megan's engagement, which truly captured the next best way to demonstrate your enthusiasm when you couldn't hug her in person. Megan's ring is absolultely beautiful, BTW, as befits her wonderful personality and loving fiance!!

    It was fun to see you at Sue's Harry Potter party over Thanksgiving. Perhaps a Lord of the Rings party is in order over Christmas?!

    Do you get points in the blogosphere for having such a llooonng post to your fun blog?!

    Good luck on finals; safe travels home this weekend!!

    Your wanna-be aunt, Debbie

    PS: I think your drawings are the work of your 8-year-old self ;-)

  4. I think your blog, and more so your drawings, are part of you bubbling out that has been hidden for too long. you just keep bubbling, girl. You see that photo to the right of this space where it says "about me"? that photo warms a mother's heart who can't be there to hug you when you are suffering from a bad test score. It helps get the picture of your sad face out of my mind.