Sunday, January 23, 2011



   As you come closer to the child he starts to stand up.  He looks a little strange to you.  He turns around, and you can see that this is no child at all!  Before you stands some strange imp-like creature with evil eyes and sharp yellow teeth.  You barely have time to register what you're seeing before it has leaped upon you and bound your hands and ankles with a thick rope.  You try to struggle free but it is no use. You try to scream out, but your mouth can't open.  It must have cast a spell to seal your lips.  What a small devilish creature it is, but it drags you off using remarkable strength. 

    Where could it possibly be taking you?  Twigs and stones scratch your face as the creature leaves the trail.  You can feel the cuts stinging and bruises rising on your limbs.  Soon it drags you into a small tunnel and takes you downward into the earth.  Upon reaching the end of the passage, the ground levels out.  It takes you farther back through a system of caves and more tunnels.  Finally, you stop.  It unbinds you, and you shakily stand up.  No sooner than you're on your feet, does it direct you into a small dark alcove, a small cave that had been turned into a prison cell.  You're shoved inside, and door clangs shut behind you.

    At a loss for what to do, you curl up in the dim light of the solitary torch on the wall.  Exhausted and sore, you fall asleep.  When you wake, you decide you must come up with some sort of plan.  It seems that there are only two choices.

You decide to wait out the situation for awhile to see what happens.  Perhaps the creature doesn't intend to keep you.  Perhaps you will be released.  Your story continues here.

You decide to find a way to escape!  You won't let your future be decided by waiting to see what might happen.  Your story continues here.

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