Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Randomness

    Well I had to come back to school today.  :(  My weekend was great though!  I got to see my family and my boyfriend.  Megan showed me and Mom her current first pick for a wedding dress, and it's gorgeous!  Both the sisters and I took a nice walk down memory lane, which resulted in several new posts for you all, and lots of laughs for the three of us!  Apparently Stephanie used to love to draw ninja turtles but wasn't too hot at geometry, and Megan couldn't spell worth poo, but was an excellent artist. 
     In regards to my grade school posts, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of pageviews they brought me.  I had a total of 169 views yesterday after I posted them!  I'm a little concerned there was some sort of Blogger glitch though because the day before I only had 30 and the day before that I only had 15.  You can see why I might be skeptical about such a giant jump in my viewership.  If it's for real though, thanks!  I'm flattered you took the time to visit me.  Also, after posting my 15 year old picture, I feel the need to include an up to date one.  The whole reason I put it up there was because it was so terrible I thought it was funny, but now I am compelled to prove that I'm not completely unfortunate looking.  I'm no super model but I at least feel comfortable saying I'm not hideous.

Oops!  That's not it!
Nope, not that one either!  (Yes, I'm in a blanket fort I built in my room.)
Ahh, there we go.  That's a little better.  ;)

Well, I'm quickly running out of stupid things to blog about, so I bid you adieu!

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