Sunday, January 9, 2011


    If you ask my family or anyone who has shared an apartment with me or had a sleepover with me, they would probably be able to tell you that I have crazy dreams.  They also often tend toward violence.  Last night was particularly chock full.  I had three dreams in quick succession that sort of melded into one another.  I have only written the final one, because it was the scary one, and the one from which I can remember the most details.  It was proceeded by a dream in which I was at a golf driving range, and one in which I had to drive a semi-truck to get home.  It ended up being really long written out, so please try to stay with me.  Here it is:

    I was in a house with a couple other people.  Another girl and I went wandering around trying to find haunted rooms.  We went up some stairs and she (we'll call her Kacey because later she turns into one of my friends, I think) peered through a crack in the wall into a room at the top of the landing.  I was terrified and didn't want to go in but she said it would be fine because the room was pink.  I still refused.  She said there was something cool in there and we had to go look.  Reluctantly, I followed her.  The room looked relatively normal, though not pink.  She told me I needed to press on the bricks at the bottom of the wall behind me and something would happen.  I turned around slowly and was horrified to see a man standing there!  Thankfully it was not a ghost, but one of the boys from the driving range who had followed us upstairs to see what we were doing.  He pressed the bricks and suddenly the room changed.  It became a little girl's room with pink walls and a princess castle in one corner.  It must have been what it had looked like when she had lived there sometime in the past. 
   We moved on to the next room.  Nothing happened in the next few places we went.  Then we walked into a room that was dark blue, and it was filled with mist. We could barely make out what was in front of us.  As I walked farther in, I saw that the room was filled three or four empty ping pong tables, standing sadly unused.  Another man was standing at the end of one.  I was scared and didn't want to go any farther into the room.  The man stepped forward, and he turned out to be the other guy from the driving range!  He was all excited that he found this room and wanted us to play ping pong with him.  Instead we moved on, and he came with us.
    The house was a complex labyrinth of rooms and hallways and secret spaces.  We walked around it for a very long time.  I don't know if we were still exploring or had gotten lost.  At one point we found ourselves in a bedroom.  There were three beds in a row with their heads against the wall.  I was looking around the room, when my attention was drawn to the last of the three beds, which I was standing next to.  The comforter on the bed had begun to move.  At first it looked at those it was creeping around in random patterns.  Then it lifted up as though some mass was filling it from underneath.  I could tell that it was the outline of body, a human figure that was squirming under the covers.  This began to happen in the middle bed as well.  Kacey had sat down on the first bed, closest to the door, when we first came in.  Now I looked at her and she was sitting up in the bed, under the covers.  They started writhing all around her, and then she began to rise into the air.  We had thought that maybe someone had come in and rigged the blankets on the beds to do this, using wires or something that pulled at them.  One of the driving range boys was standing next to Kacey though and exclaimed that this was truly happening to her.  He couldn't see or feel any sort of device lifting her out of the bed. 
    At one point, I think I became a little boy in my dream instead of myself.  I had wandered away from the group and had found a little black cat in one of the rooms.  I was running back through the winding maze to find everyone else and show them.   All the while, I was singing a rhyming song that was somehow implanted in my mind upon picking up the cat.  It basically was a list of possible things I could do with the creature.  I can't remember all of them, but I know one was that if you cut off the cat's head, it would grow three more in its place and it would kill you.  Or you could throw the cat at the mirror in the room where it was found and something else would happen.  There was a list of about five or six possibilities included in the song.  I had to hold the cat by its scruff so that it wouldn't turn into something horrible.  I was still super excited though, because I knew that as long as I held it tight, it would just be a normal friendly cat. 
   We moved on, going down some stairs to one of the lower levels or a basement type area.  It was very dark and eerie with low ceilings.  As we walked through we saw there were a few adjoining rooms.  Another woman that was with us said that if did some stuff to the rooms, it would change and we would be able to see the horrible things that had happened there.  She instructed us to roll up all the carpeting.  Most of the group stayed in the first room, but I went with another girl to the next room.  I was scared to be in there since it was just the two of us.  I wanted to be with everyone else, but we had to get the carpeting up.  We started at opposite ends and began rolling it.  The other girl had a terrified look on her face, and I turned around to see the face and torso of a scary old woman with scraggly gray hair and sunken eyes.  She looked dead and somewhat decayed.  We went back to the first room and found that the floor was covered in blood stains.  Impressions and visions of the atrocities that took place there welled up in our minds.  We went back through to the next room and started to go on. 
    The woman who had told us to roll up the carpet lagged behind the group and stood in the doorway between the two rooms.  She asked if anyone else felt nauseous when they stood there.  The rest of us had seated ourselves on a couch that was against one wall.  As soon as she that, we felt ourselves being pulled toward the doorway.  We held onto the couch and to each other to avoid being sucked away.  It was like an invisible vortex was drawing us to it.  Other furniture in the room was getting sucked into it.  It all got clogged in the doorway.  I grabbed a nearby floor lamp and lifted it into the air so that it was caught in the pull of the airstream.  I let go and flew to the door and jammed there.  I got another tall lamp and did the same thing.  Eventually, the hole was plugged up and force of the vortex stopped. 
     I went on through the door at the other end of the room.  When I looked back, everyone had disappeared.  I was alone in that horrid place.  I began frantically searching everywhere looking for my mom.  For some reason I thought she must have gone to the bathroom, but she wasn't there.  Finally I saw her.  She was standing, slouched in one corner with her back to me.  She's narcoleptic in real life, so in the dream I assumed she was standing there taking a nap.  I slowly walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder to turn her around.  When I saw her face, it wasn't her but some crazy life size doll/puppet/clown thing with a creepy smile on its face.  I was scared and angry and began to shake it screaming, "You are Carol! You are Carol!  You are Carol!"  I thought if she could hear me from inside the doll, she would turn back into my mom.
    I woke myself up screaming those words.  I laid in bed awhile to catch my breath, nervously avoiding looking into mirror in my bedroom, because nothing good comes out of mirrors.  Finally, I got up and went to the bathroom.  As I was going back to my bed, my roommate asked if I had been screaming.  I said, "Yes, you'll have to read my blog."

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  1. Mother's advice
    1) stop watching ghost hunter shows
    2) stop worrying about the future and how scary it is for you.
    3) Realize that no matter how scary looking I get on the outside, I will always be beautiful on the inside because love is there.ah......