Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our family dog is Tucker. He's pretty spectacular and very handsome.

He's got many unique characteristics, but among my favorite is his habit of howling anytime an ambulance drives by. Mom thinks it's because the sound hurts his ears. Maybe it's just because he doesn't know what it is. Stephanie made the observation that if he's outside where he can see the ambulance, he only howls until it comes into sight. Maybe this is because he can then see what's creating the noise? Anyone else have any other possible explanations?

My other favorite thing to see is his "crazy run". I'll have to try to get that on tape for you.


  1. Anakin howls any time the beeper on the stove goes off. Granted he howls for no reason a lot of times but he's done that ever since he was a puppy. I'm assuming it's cause the noise hurts his ears.

  2. Cleetus goes cray cray when the UPS or FEDEX guy drives by. Big truck, but no sirens. She also went cray cray when I played that video.

  3. No, Tucker howls because he is crazy. End of story ;)

  4. yesterday, tucker howled when he heard an ambulance siren on t.v.