Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I haven't posted anything in awhile

so, I thought I would throw something on here.  I actually did try to put up a post about my dog the other day, but it involved a video which I was unable to upload.  I'll have to try to figure that one out. 

In the process of writing the above two sentences, I actually forgot what I was originally going to talk about.  Hmmm. 
Oh well. 
I guess I'll just ramble and see if it comes to me.

So, classes start Wednesday.  I am completely unprepared in every possible way.  It will probably suck. 

I just watched an excellent movie on Netflix called Chaos Theory.  Check it out. 

Made some Chex Mix.  It's somewhat delicious.  Froommate Adrian seems to enjoy it. 

I accomplished nothing of value over break. 

I did get to see my family a lot and hear some awesome stories about my grandpa being a super bad-ass State's Attorney and judge. 

I decided when I get married (trying to be optimistic) it'll probably involve some sort of combination of a courthouse, a bonfire, and maybe a potluck barbecue.  It's possible that I will wear a wedding dress but yet invite everyone else, including the groom, to show up jeans and t-shirts.  Ok, maybe not the groom, but definitely everyone else.  I think planning a big wedding would overwhelm me.
I think I was planning on saying something about my sister's engagement!  They settled on New Year's Eve for the Wedding.  I see this being excellent fun for several reasons:
1) Super awesome reception
2) I actually have vacation at that time so I'll get to be home leading up to the wedding!!!!
3) If the world ends in 2012 (aka the next day) we will all go out with a bang!

P.S. I think blue and silver would be excellent winter wedding colors.  Thoughts? 

I don't know what else, so I guess I'm done.  Perhaps something with pictures will come in the future.  I do have a good mouse story I want to share. 

Okay, bye!


  1. 1) The world is not going to end until Dec. 21, 2012. Get it right.
    2) I heard the mouse stirring again last night but could not locate it and cats were not sufficiently interested to help.
    3) Cats were, however, interested in the squirrel eating the corn on the window ledge again this morning. They were all fighting over getting the spot at the window right next to the squirrel. Lucy kept batting the glass (when she wasn't clawing Nolly).

  2. I've been to a couple weddings in which silver and blue were the colors of choice, and they were pretty. On that note, I basically have my whole wedding planned out (I'm being optimistic as well, since The Crazy Cat Lady is a much more probable outcome to my life). Perhaps I'll steal YOUR idea and blog about that next. I think your wedding ideas sound fantastic, by the way. That's all.

  3. Hey you, I mentioned you on my blog! Come have a look. :)

    Dark blue. Royal blue has been my school colors at ever school I've been too. So I'm not a fair judge of it.

  4. I feel as though there needs to be some explanation of "froommate", cause I am loving the word.