Thursday, January 6, 2011


Currently, I'm watching Bridget Jones's Diary, and thus I have begun to think about my future.  As I mentioned in a previous post I try to be optimistic when it comes to someday getting married.  I'm about 65% sure that the right man will come along at some point and and ask me to be his wife. Or perhaps, I have already met the right man, and he just hasn't presented himself as such.

But what of the other 35%?  Bridget Jones foresaw herself dying fat and alone and having been half eaten by wild dogs upon the discovery of her body three weeks later.  Will that be my fate?


I am much more likely to be eaten by my many cats. 
After three weeks of not feeding them, they would surely have turned on me.  In fact, they had probably been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to act on their evil fantasies of killing me in my sleep.  That's just how cats are, you know.  

Well, I've taken so long to write this post, that Bridget Jones is now over (In my own defense, I was paying more attention to the movie).  I'm alone in my room, lying in bed, writing on my blog, with the lights out and candles lit.... to one of the cats who is very likely to take part in my...shall we say...decomposition? 

 I think this is a bad sign that Spinsterhood is inevitable. 

Plus, I just pissed him off by using my camera flash.  Hmm, someone better check on me in the morning.....

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